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Ready to sell your home?

We know what new buyers want to see in their new home, better yet, what not to see. As a seller you want the potential buyers and real estate agents to see the value of your home.

It is a fact that most buyers want to imagine themselves living in your house as they do a walk-thru. Designers specialize in creating environments that emphasize the positive and draw on the emotions of the individual.

There is no better stager than a designer.

Do you have time to shop for and decorate your home during the busy holiday seasons?

Our designers can customize seasonal decorations for a one of a kind look to coordinate with your home.

We have many sources for decorative accessories, ornaments, ribbons, greenery and more. Even better, our designers will install everything.

Is your bathroom outdated? Want to bring your kitchen into the 21st century?

Renovations start with good designs and careful planning. Our team of professionals will evaluate your project, then provide you with creative and unique ideas that will enhance your renovated space.

The journey that one goes through in building a new home can be long and tedious. Selecting the right designer is just as important as selecting the architect and contractor With a designer at your side during the design phase those tough choices like: space planning, lighting, kitchen and bath design become much easier.

A successful outcome is achieved by creating a harmonious team consisting of your architect, contractor and interior designer.

Accessories contribute to the character and color scheme of a room. They use space, arouse curiousity and reflect the culture and interest of the home owner. They can be functional such as lamps or just carefully placed works of art. With access to a variety of styles our accessories range from picture frames to corporate art. Our team has the ability to accent any space within any budget.


Interior Motives is the premier Interior Design firm in Greater New Orleans area.
Our team of interior designers redesign your home's living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and the rest of your home. We design spaces and manage commercial projects for restaurants, hotels, offices, and

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